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Cruise Extras

Experience an infinite list of entertainments and pleasures throughout the

To make your cruise lot more ravishing, there is a huge choice of entertainment activities added to various packages. Users can access these perks according to their likes and interests. Let’s make each and every second of your cruise filled with joy and worth the money you pay by accessing the following entertainment options.

  • Fishing

    The cruise get more fascinating if you love to engage in some of the cruise extra activities we provide. Catching fish using the fishing rods are one of the main activities made available. You can try your fishing skills along with this memorable backwater tour in one of our houseboats. Fishing is one of the major living means of the villagers living near these backwaters. If you get lucky to get some good size ‘Kari Meen’ or some other exotic fish varieties from these lakes, our chef will help you get them ready for your dinner. Do not miss these different experiences and enjoy your cruise with lots of fun.

  • Cultural Art Forms

    The art forms of kerala are popular all around the globe. It is our pleasure to make you enjoy those beautiful art forms as part of your luxury houseboat holidays with us. You need to book these facilities prior to the cruise as these are extra services. We provide all below mentioned artforms.


    Mohiniyattam is a very unique classical dance art form of Kerala. It is really beautiful to watch this art form performed by women. The facial expressions, mudras, ornaments and special costumes used for this dance art form is really amazing. It is the perfect entertainment you need to make your cruise evening romantic.


    Kathakali is one of those art forms that is based on Hindu Mythology. Kathakali is a dance-drama art form which is known for a variety of aspects such as the music, literature, painting, dance and acting performed by the artists. It is the combination of all these factors that make Kathakali one of the most attractive art form of Kerala.


    Theyyam is a ritual dance art form that is done as part of exalting the goddess. Theyyam is performed in various themes. Most of them are based on the triumph achieved by the goddesses over the evil characters. Even though Theyyam is performed by men, they will also enact female characters by using excellent makeups and costumes which is worth watching.


    Being a brilliant martial art form of Kerala, Kalaripayattu is very attractive and is proved to be very good for both mind and body. The specially trained performers achieve great discipline needed for performing the techniques safely by using the unique nature cure and ayurvedic techniques of Kerala.

  • Special Dining

    As you get the best relaxation for your eyes and body, we will present you an exotic food menu to satisfy your taste buds too. There is a very fascinating menu introduced for all our houseboat packages to ensure that the guests will get great Kerala food without losing quality and tastes. Do not forget to checkout our optional food menu to ensure that you get the best mix of both traditional and contemporary food items.

  • Indoor Games

    Carroms, chess and cards are also made available to make your free time joyful. There are also sketch pads and painting accessories made available for those who have such hobbies. It will be very nice to enjoy these kind of indoor games and fun activities in a luxury houseboat floating in the middle of a very incredible backwater scenery.

    Do not forget to checkout our optional food menu to ensure that you get the best mix of both traditional and contemporary food items.


Have a good time and take home some life time memories and experiences
cruising in our luxury houseboats.