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Lakes & Lagoons is the first & only ISO 9001-2008 certified Houseboat Tour Company in Kerala. A professionally managed company with a fleet of luxury Houseboats, Lakes & Lagoons offer the best in backwater cruise holidays and other delightful experiences.

Situated in Alleppey - a real natural treasure house, visually splendid with the blue of the lake & the green of the palms & vegetation, active with the aquatic life & local villages engaged in everyday errands.

Lakes & Lagoons' fleet includes a variety of Houseboats - air-conditioned & non air-conditioned. Each complete with all modern amenities including fully furnished bedrooms, toilets with WC, sundecks & kitchen.

The pure ethnic cuisine served in the houseboat is a specialty of Lakes & lagoons. The menu includes steaming fresh cooked rice, curries with locally grown organic vegetables, Pearl Spot (Karimeen) fry, the starchy Cassava (Tapioca) and fish curry - a veritable tropical feast for your palate.