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‘Great Backwaters’ Campaign Getting Huge Response in Twitter
12 - 09 - 2013

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Tourism has once again showed its enthusiasm in making use of modern media in promoting the tourism possibilities in Kerala. Their latest ‘Great Backwaters’ Twitter campaign is getting brilliant responses from Twitter users. The campaign is all set to give the Kerala Backwater tourism an all new exposure to the world. They have worked out the Great Backwaters campaign as a once in a lifetime experience which is similar to the campaigns held for the Grand Canyon in US and the Great Wall of China.

Kerala Tourism is well known for using latest media technologies and innovative ideas in promoting our tourism possibilities in front of the world. The official website of the tourism website itself is a great example. The site have won many international and national level awards for the wellness in conducting promotions. The campaign will also get launched in the traditional media soon.